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Worship This Fall | All Things New Series

Over the next few months leading up to the 500th anniversary of the Lutheran Reformation, we will be focusing worship around Luther’s Small Catechism.  Whether you memorized it in confirmation or this is your first time through, we hope you will be renewed by the core theological principles of the Lutheran faith.  In addition to our walk through the catechism, we will be introducing a new liturgy written by Ben Larson (son of former Bishop April Larson).  It is an uplifting and joyful liturgy that we hope you will enjoy.  Dig out your old catechism or grab a copy at Peace and walk through Luther’s Small Catechism this fall with us.

All Things New Series – Weekly Themes

Sept 3 – Luther’s Small Catechism

Sept 10 – 10 Commandments

Sept 17 – Apostles’ Creed

Sept 24 – Confession

Oct 1 – Lord’s Prayer

Oct 8 – Blessings

Oct 15 – Holy Communion

Oct 22 – Holy Baptism

Oct 29 – Reformation Sunday

All Things New Offering

As we are being made new in faith, we will focus on offering up gifts out of God’s generosity to us.  Throughout our All Things New Series we will be collecting gifts of food for Neighbor for Neighbor Food Pantry and a Noisy Offering (October 29) to benefit ELCA World Hunger.  Check out our special focus for each week and consider how you might share God’s generosity.  And of course any items will be accepted any week!

September 3: Canned fruits & vegetablesfood collection   September 10: Loaves of bread
September 17: Soup & crackers
September 24: Shampoo & conditioner

October 1: Boxed meals with meat included
October 8: Granola bars & healthy snack items
October 15: Mayonnaise & miracle whip
October 22: Flour & Sugar

October 29: Noisy Offering for ELCA World Hunger