Wow! You knock my socks off!

This week we added to our effort to help with refugee resettlement in Wisconsin through LSS (Lutheran Social Services). Through donations of money and household items, we were able to add 20 kits to the 65 kits we assembled in September. 85 total kits! Wow! 

We estimated a value of over $2000 for our last delivery, and I would guess close to the same with this delivery, as we packed even more into our kitchen and linen kits including homemade quilts and blankets, dish sets and pans, and even fans and alarm clocks. 

Thank you to everyone who donated items or money. And thank you to those who helped organize and pack up these donations, including Linda Weaver, Beth Stuart, Kate Schanhofer and several of the Confirmation Moms. Thank you, Nathan Johnson, for driving our first load to Milwaukee and Dan Crego for helping to load up. And a big thanks to my East Conference colleagues who loaded up and transported this final load. We couldn’t have done this without all of you!

Feeling grateful today for the work we can do together!


Pastor Dawn