Bishop Visit

Come and Meet our New Bishop & Let’s Decorate!

This Sunday, Bishop Felix Malpica will be joining us for worship. I am excited for you to meet him, so please come and welcome him to Peace Lutheran. He will share a message and music with us during worship. After worship, we will have a time of fellowship so that you can meet him in person.

This Sunday, we will also be getting ready for Advent and Christmas. After our fellowship time, stick around and help us decorate for Advent and Christmas. We’ll be putting up the trees, banners, nativity and more.

It’s going to be a fun and full morning, so we hope you join us this Sunday!

See you then,

Pastor Dawn

Intent Sunday

Join us for Intent Sunday!

Over the past month we have been talking about what it means to build a culture of generosity. We have shared stories of what Peace means to us and encouraged you to consider the ways you are generous. 

This Sunday, I would invite you to share your commitment to Peace Lutheran Church using the Intent Card that was mailed to you earlier this week. Pray and consider how you might be generous with Peace in the coming year. We will receive these cards in worship this coming Sunday. If you forget it, don’t worry! We’ll have extras on hand. 

If you’re unable to join us in person for worship this Sunday, no worries! We will be sharing a link in the comments during worship for you to complete the card online. Otherwise, feel free to mail or drop off your card in the coming week. Or wait for next Sunday and place it in the offering plate at that time. Bishop Felix Malpica will be worshiping with us on November 21 to help us celebrate our commitment to support the ministry of Peace. Come and meet him! 

If you can’t wait one more minute, consider filling out your card right now. Here is the link:

We have a generous donor who will gift the congregation with $5000 if we reach our goal of receiving 45 intent cards. We need all of your help to make this possible! Let’s reach our goal so we can continue to Welcome, Worship & Walk with Christ!

See you Sunday,

Pastor Dawn

Wow! You knock my socks off!

This week we added to our effort to help with refugee resettlement in Wisconsin through LSS (Lutheran Social Services). Through donations of money and household items, we were able to add 20 kits to the 65 kits we assembled in September. 85 total kits! Wow! 

We estimated a value of over $2000 for our last delivery, and I would guess close to the same with this delivery, as we packed even more into our kitchen and linen kits including homemade quilts and blankets, dish sets and pans, and even fans and alarm clocks. 

Thank you to everyone who donated items or money. And thank you to those who helped organize and pack up these donations, including Linda Weaver, Beth Stuart, Kate Schanhofer and several of the Confirmation Moms. Thank you, Nathan Johnson, for driving our first load to Milwaukee and Dan Crego for helping to load up. And a big thanks to my East Conference colleagues who loaded up and transported this final load. We couldn’t have done this without all of you!

Feeling grateful today for the work we can do together!


Pastor Dawn


We are in the middle of our Building a Culture of Generosity series with our Intent Sunday just around the corner on November 14.  I hope the bulletin inserts, e-letters and Sunday talks have helped you reflect on why Peace is an important part of your faith and life.  It has been a great reminder of why we do this work together for the sake of Christ and our neighbors.

In the coming weeks, I hope you will pray and consider your intent to give to the ministry at Peace Lutheran Church in the coming year.  As we grow in our generosity, Peace is able to Welcome, Worship and Walk in greater ways.  This excites me as I think about the year to come, and all God has in store for us.

Thank you for your continued generosity! 

Pastor Dawn