Pastor Fred

Many of you probably saw on Facebook that my internship supervisor died this week. Although we had not remained as connected as I would have liked, his influence on my ministry is remarkable. He taught me so much about the joy and creativity that goes into ministry, and I am grateful for all he taught me.

While I grieve this loss, I was also reminded of how many people have been a part of forming who I am. From teachers and coaches, to pastors and parents, there are so many people who have touched my life in significant ways. Although I might connect many of these people to my career, accomplishments, or personality, they have also been an important part of my faith. 

As you reflect on your own life, who are the people who have helped form your faith? How have you stayed connected with them? What might you share about what they have meant to you? 

Pastor Fred seemed far too young to die and yet, I know that he held fast to the promises of Christ. His witness has been an encouragement to my faith. I hope that you have people who have encouraged you along the way. Perhaps you might share with me the stories of those people. I would love to hear about them. 

God’s peace,

Pastor Dawn