Our family has been forced to make some hard decisions lately. Our kids love sports and often want to play more than one sport at a time. This Fall, Andrew was running cross country and playing soccer. And Delia played soccer, too. This Winter, the kids really want to do both swim and basketball. As we lined up schedules and distances to practice, as well as meets and games, it’s just not in the cards. We need a lot more hours in a day to make that work. So, we started talking about what’s most important. We asked each kid, “what takes priority?” It’s looking like swim (my kids’ true love) is going to beat out basketball (my true love).  

It feels like this Fall everything is back in full swing. The many obligations that were cancelled and put on hold when COVID first hit are ramping back up again. This includes church activities. Along with this, I think many of us have reflected on what’s most important in our lives this past year-plus.

And so, I wonder, what are your priorities? What are you ready to pour yourself into? What are you ready to give up? As you reflect on this, I would ask you to consider what your priorities are at Peace? What is most important to you? What are you willing to pour yourself into at Peace? 

Then let me know, because I truly believe God uses us best when we work out of our strengths. I’d love to hear where you’re hearing God call you next. Drop me a note!

Have a blessed week,

Pastor Dawn

Celebrate & Remember

Over the next month or so, we will be having some special worship services. While they will have different focuses, we hope they will bring meaning to our worship. It all starts this Sunday as four students will stand before the congregation and affirm their baptisms. This will be the culmination of 2 years of study when these students will take on the promises God has for them. I hope you will join these students in celebrating this milestone in their faith. 

On October 31, we will remember the Reformation when Luther posted his 95 Theses in 1517. Although it’s been 504 years, we continue to remember our need to be a reforming church.

And then on November 7, we will remember those we have lost in our lives on All Saints’ Day. This is a day to remember our loved ones and all who have been part of our faith life and community. We hope you’ll come and remember on that day. And all throughout this time, we will be talking about Building a Culture of Generosity and our need to be generous.

It’s going to be a full month. We hope that you will join us for worship as we celebrate and remember. It’s important for us to come together in these times to be reminded of how we are church together.

See you in worship,

Pastor Dawn

Pastor Fred

Many of you probably saw on Facebook that my internship supervisor died this week. Although we had not remained as connected as I would have liked, his influence on my ministry is remarkable. He taught me so much about the joy and creativity that goes into ministry, and I am grateful for all he taught me.

While I grieve this loss, I was also reminded of how many people have been a part of forming who I am. From teachers and coaches, to pastors and parents, there are so many people who have touched my life in significant ways. Although I might connect many of these people to my career, accomplishments, or personality, they have also been an important part of my faith. 

As you reflect on your own life, who are the people who have helped form your faith? How have you stayed connected with them? What might you share about what they have meant to you? 

Pastor Fred seemed far too young to die and yet, I know that he held fast to the promises of Christ. His witness has been an encouragement to my faith. I hope that you have people who have encouraged you along the way. Perhaps you might share with me the stories of those people. I would love to hear about them. 

God’s peace,

Pastor Dawn


I have to admit, there’s something exciting about being generous. I just love watching my kids open gifts at Christmas. I enjoy being able to give money to causes in which I believe. I like to support the ministry that happens at Peace. I love being able to give something away, not because I have to, but because I can. This is generosity. I would guess many of you can relate to this feeling.  

In the weeks ahead, you will be hearing more about generosity. Newsletter articles, bulletin inserts, mission moments, letters and more will be used to share the Peace story and our hopes for even more robust ministry next year.

So, in the coming weeks, look for the heading “Building a Culture of Generosity” and please engage the materials. Pray about how you can become more generous. Then, on Intent Sunday, November 14, please bring your intent card with you to declare the generosity that you intend to share with this congregation.

We are blessed to be a generous congregation and I cannot wait to see the ways we continue to be generous in the year to come!

With gratefulness,

Pastor Dawn