For Such a Time As This

The last few weeks have been rough.

If you’ve been following the news:

  • Over 2000 people have died in the Haiti earthquake
  • Countless Afghans are fleeing for their lives in hopes of finding refuge
  • And the coronavirus is on the rise across our nation

It can feel like hopeless times. And yet, we are people of hope. We have a God that gives us hands and feet to bring help and hope in the midst of suffering

And so, I would encourage you to first and foremost pray for those who are suffering in this time. The world needs our prayers right now. And then consider how you might help. Check out the links below for Lutheran Disaster Response (Haiti relief) or the Lutheran Immigrant & Refugee Service (Afghan crisis). Consider donating to these causes that have boots on the ground and are doing important work for those who need it most. Or drop off a check at Peace and we will be sure to get your donations to where they are needed.

As many of you may know, Afghan allies are coming to Fort McCoy. We are actively seeking ways that we will be able to help out locally as well. So please, stay tuned for more information and share any information you might receive.

As the we hear in the story of Esther, perhaps we were born “for just such a time as this” (Esther 4:14). Let us be bold and step out in faith to share our resources and care for our neighbors.

God’s peace,

Pastor Dawn