Why does it matter?

These last few weeks, I’ve been busy gearing up for another year of ministry. This will all begin with God’s work. Our hands. Sunday on September 12 where we will worship, serve, and eat together. From there, Confirmation, Sunday School, & Adult Education will begin. We will enter a new year of Bible readings and worship routines. Just as a new school year begins, we start anew in the church as well.

This Sunday, I will be talking about communion during my sermon. One of the questions I will ask is, “why does it matter to you?” I think this is a question we can ask about all that we do as a worshiping community. Why do we do what we do? And why does it matter to you? The “why” is so important in our faith. I believe it is what keeps us engaged. It’s what pushes us to grow. It’s what matters most.

And so, for this Sunday as you worship with us or tune in at home, consider: why does church matter to you? Perhaps you will share this with a neighbor or friend. You never know, you might remind them of something they have been missing in their life.

God’s peace be with you,

Pastor Dawn