Let’s Get Vaccinated!

I have to be honest. I’m nervous about the new school year. Delia is still not able to be vaccinated and with no mask mandate, I can’t imagine many children will be wearing masks at school. And yet the variants of COVID-19 seem to be rising throughout our country. I’m fearful we might be back to where we were a year ago if we’re not careful.

When I watch the news, I hear how doctors and hospital staff are exhausted and so very frustrated. Many of them are pleading with the public saying this could have been avoided. Get vaccinated!

And so here is my plea: please consider getting vaccinated if you have not already done so. Our country is not moving in the right direction right now with the coronavirus, and I don’t believe anyone wants to spend the next year like we have spent the last year. The science shows the vaccines to be both safe and effective. And this is the best way to combat COVID-19.

Over and over, Jesus invites us to love our neighbors. If not for your own sake, I hope you will get vaccinated for your neighbor’s sake. This is a way we can all be a part of making a difference.

Be well,

Pastor Dawn