Let’s re-engage!

Just 2 years ago we could not even imagine what the future would hold.  I think we all can agree it has been a long year and a half! In many ways, things feel like they are getting back to normal. Schools are making plans to head into Fall with a somewhat more normal year. Community gatherings have been in full swing all summer. And even church activities are starting to look closer and closer to what we desire.

But after a year and a half, apathy can start to set in. I get it! It’s so much easier to curl up in my pajamas and watch worship rather than get ready and head out the door. It’s easier to let someone else bring the bars, read the lesson, or mow the lawn. And yet, we all know how important this community is and this community doesn’t work without you.

And so, it’s time to re-engage! Check out what’s coming up and consider how you might be a part of it. Come to All Ministry Night on August 16 at 6:30 pm and help us make plans for the Fall. Come to worship in person or online (however you feel safest). Comment and “like” our Facebook posts so they reach a wider audience. Remember to give your offering (we’re over $10,000 behind where we were last year at this time). Whatever it is, find ways to engage in what’s happening at Peace because we need you to continue the ministry we do together!

These are challenging words, but I hope you’ll take me up on them! 

God’s peace and blessings,

Pastor Dawn