Vacation Bible School – Worship in the Park

Worship in the Park – This Sunday!

Join us Sunday for worship in the Wilton Park (299 East Street, Wilton). This will be a combined service with St. Paul’s in Wilton, as well as a kickoff for our VBS week. We’ll worship at 9:30 am, have activities at 10:15 am and join in a potluck lunch at 11 am. We’ll have plates and utensils but would ask you bring along chairs and a dish to pass. We were asked to bring desserts, but feel free to bring anything to enjoy with our meal. BBQs or sloppy joes (whatever you call them!) will be provided as well.

Then Monday through Wednesday evenings we will have an intergeneration VBS where we encourage all ages to join us. At 5:30 pm we will kick things off at St. Paul’s (401 Mill St, Wilton) with a light meal, followed by VBS activities for the kids and an adult Bible Study. We hope you will consider joining us for all or any of these nights.

If you have questions, please feel free to let me know. It is going to be a fun and busy week and we hope you’ll be part of it. 

See you Sunday in the Park!

Pastor Dawn

Ready to Serve!

Our enthusiastic group is on our family mission trip this week in Duluth, MN, which is a great opportunity to serve as a family and grow in faith. We will be serving through worship on Sunday morning.

The families are from Peace as well as from other congregations. Please pray for these families as well as those in need whom they will serve.

Pastor Dawn

Vacation Bible School

Everyone is encouraged to join us for VBS this summer!

We will be doing things a bit different this year (imagine that!?!). We’re going to kick off the week with Sunday worship. On July 25, we will gather with members from St. Paul’s in Wilton for a VBS Celebration at the Wilton Park. We will worship together at 9:30 am followed by activities and a potluck. We invite you to bring a dish to pass, perhaps a dessert or salad.

Then, we’ll continue our week in the evenings on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday with our VBS programming, which will include activities for the kids as well as an adult Bible Study on our theme. This will be happening July 26-28 at St. Paul’s in Wilton from 5:30-8 pm. We will begin each night with a light dinner and continue with our VBS activities.

This might be a change from how we have always done it, but I think it will be great to include adults in VBS this year. We hope you will consider joining us for this intergenerational faith fun!

See you at VBS,

Pastor Dawn

Celebrate with us!

This Sunday, we hope you will celebrate with us our eleventh Anniversary as a worshiping community. Come and hear our story and celebrate the ministry we have done together over the past 11 years.  If you’re away for the 4th, consider tuning in on Facebook for this special worship.

See you Sunday,

Pastor Dawn

I’m Taking a Break.

As much as I love what I do, sometimes I just need a break. I think we all need time for rest and renewal from the day-to-day busyness of life. And so, this coming week, my family and I will be heading to Missouri for some time away. We will spend time in the water and sun. We will head out on a boat and wear lots of sunscreen. And most of all, I hope we have fun as a family. Our trip to Missouri is something we always look forward to.

Just as a reminder, if any pastoral emergencies come up in my absence, don’t hesitate to contact a council member or leave a message at the church. We have pastoral care coverage while I am away.

Finally, I hope you’re able to find time for rest and renewal this summer as well. God knows how important rest is. It is why we have the Sabbath. So if anyone questions a little down time, you tell them, “God said so!”

Be well my brothers and sisters,

Pastor Dawn