I’m going to CAMP!!!

If you didn’t know, I LOVE camp! And I especially love Sugar Creek Bible Camp. I grew up going to Sugar Creek for many years and then was a counselor for 4 years and have continued to visit and support camp as much as possible. But this is the first time I have spent the week at camp with campers from our congregation (other than my own children, of course!). And I am so excited!

There are few experiences that have been as formative to my faith as camp as been over the years. It has been a place where I have asked questions, struggled with doubt, been inspired, and experienced the holy. It has been all these things and more throughout my life. Although our Peace campers may not experience all of this in the next week, I pray that they will get a glimpse of all that God is doing in and through them. I pray they will make new friends and grow in relationship with established friendships. I pray they will know they are loved and valued just as they are because that is how God created them.

Please pray for our campers.  And may God’s presence in their lives overflow in the coming week.

If you’re looking for me, I’ll be at camp,

Pastor Dawn

Synod Assembly

Synod Assembly

It’s not just another meeting. At least it’s not supposed to be! Synod Assembly is truly about celebrating the ministry we do together as the people of God. We conduct necessary business, of course, but we also see how the Holy Spirit has been working in and through our synod this past year (or last 2 years!). This year we will also have the privilege of electing a new bishop to the La Crosse Area Synod. We will pray for the Spirit’s guidance in this process and by Sunday afternoon the La Crosse Synod will have a new bishop. 

This is an exciting time for our Synod, and so I want to extend an invitation to everyone to watch the proceedings of our assembly. Although you will not be able to vote (unless you are a voting member), I believe you will be able to witness the Holy Spirit at work in the larger church. So, click on this link and you can join us all day on Saturday (8a-5p), for Worship at 9 am on Sunday or after worship as our new bishop is announced. 

Click here for La Crosse Area Synod Assembly

Please be praying for our voting members (Christine Jacobsen, Dan Crego, Clara Krause & myself) this weekend as we take part in this assembly. 

Come, Holy Spirit, Come,

Pastor Dawn

Catching Up

I’m so grateful for what technology has allowed this past year. Throughout this pandemic, we have been able to gather each and every week for worship. We have connected online for council meetings, ministry team meetings, prayer group, and Bible study. In many ways, we have stayed connected. And yet, I think we can all agree, it’s still not the same. There is something about face-to-face interactions.

Over the summer, I would love to grab a coffee, go out to lunch, or sit on your porch and just chat. It would be great to catch up with you! Yes, many of you have gotten to see me each and every week on a screen, but I have not been able to see you. So, if you’re interested in chatting sometime this summer, send me an email (peacepastordawn@gmail.com) or call the church (608-343-7322) and we’ll set up a time this summer. I hope you’ll take me up on this offer! 


Pastor Dawn 


Maybe it is the nine months of unpredictable Wisconsin weather, but there is just something about summer. Even though much of life remains the same, there is something about the rhythms of life that seem to change if only for a season. Barbeques with friends, pool parties, family reunions, 4th of July celebrations, camping, and so much more.

This summer, I am thrilled about the many opportunities we will have for us to begin reconnecting as a congregation. I’m hopeful that you will join us as we meet again face-to-face FINALLY! So, come and reconnect in worship, around campfires, on retreat, at camp, on mission trips and more. I believe we all learned this past year there is something about face-to-face interactions that no Zoom meeting can replace.

As you make plans for your summer, I really hope that you will make plans to reconnect in person with our community. I miss seeing you all! And don’t be afraid to invite a friend to join you for worship or around a campfire. Lots of new people have connected to our congregation over the past year. They just might need your invitation to take the next step and join us.

Hoping to see you soon,

Pastor Dawn