Come, Holy Spirit, Come!

This week, I’ve been spending the bulk of my time taking part in the Festival of Homiletics (aka preaching). It’s an amazing conference where preachers from all denominations around the world come together to hear some of the latest and greatest preachers of our times. But instead of traveling to Atlanta, Denver or Minneapolis (I wish!), this year we get to enjoy this in the comforts of our homes via the internet.

When I shared what I was doing with Andrew, he asked, “So you just sit and listen to preachers all day? I can’t even listen to one sermon.” Yes, we sit and listen to sermons all day and it’s great!

What is exciting in the preaching world is coming to the end of this pandemic (hopefully!) and asking the question, “what’s next?” The church has changed in the past year in ways we never expected. And so now we’re challenged not to wonder about how we get back to where we were, but where the Spirit is leading us next. And so that’s the challenge we take on as a congregation. What’s next for Peace Lutheran Church in Tomah, WI?

This Sunday, our church council will be gathering for a retreat to consider just that. We will dream and listen for what God might have in store next for Peace. It’s an exciting time to be the church. One thing is certain, the church will not be business as usual. The Spirit will make sure of that!

Come, Holy Spirit, Come!

Pastor Dawn