Heading Into Summer

As I make plans for May, it’s hard to believe how quickly (and at times, how slowly) this past year has gone. Our teachers, staff and students have made it through a full school year of COVID-19 restrictions. And they’re counting down the days to summer break…believe me! Our high school Seniors are making plans to say goodbye to a chapter in their life. And parents are left wondering, where has the time gone? 

For many, May becomes a month of finishing up and planning for the future. Whether it is dealing with end of year schedules or making plans for summer getaways, getting out the lawnmower or weeding the flower beds, I think we all feel a sense of busyness that comes with the change in weather.  

There will be a fullness to our month at Peace, as well. We hope you will join in the ways we serve, worship and celebrate this month. Check out the worship notes below and join us for God’s work. Our hands. Sunday. Come and bless our seniors and celebrate Pentecost with us. Even in the busyness of life, we hope that our time together in worship can be a time to take a deep breath and be reminded of the One who brings order to the chaos, the One who finds blessing in busyness, the One who shares love, hope and grace in the messiness of life.  

We hope you will come and be blessed at Peace this month!

Pastor Dawn