Change is Afoot

With the change in weather, we’ve been blessed to gather in person once again! Although I will admit, Palm Sunday was less than ideal weather. However, Easter was glorious! We are making plans to continue with outdoor worship on the first and third Sundays of the month, so please mark your calendars. And stay tuned as more information will be available after our council meeting tonight. 

And yet with these changes, there are quite a few unknowns. Now that COVID-19 variants are moving closer and closer to us, we cannot know how this will affect the COVID rates in our area. At the same time, more and more people are getting vaccinated. Hooray! (Please consider getting scheduled for your vaccination if you have not done so. Anyone 16 and up is now eligible.) And yet, the weather is always going to be a wild card.  

Just as you have been flexible over the past year, I ask for your grace as changes need to be made over the next few months to adjust to these unknown factors. Due to weather or significant increases in the COVID rate, worship might need to go online again for a week or longer. So please stay connected to our website and Facebook page for the latest information. 

It is everyone’s desire to gather again. However, our council is doing everything we can to make sure that when we gather it is as safely as possible. Thank you for your patience this past year and we look forward to seeing you in worship…outdoor or online…and hopefully before we know it, in our sanctuary!  


Pastor Dawn