Holy Week

The Hope of Jesus

Within the last few days, we have been reminded of the fragility of life as we hear about shootings in Atlanta, Boulder, and even as close as Wilton. Life was lost in Atlanta and Boulder and the brokenness of our world continues. Hate crimes, domestic terrorism, domestic violence, and abuse. They are taking a toll on our communities. And we are left not knowing how to recover from the violence of this world.

Jesus was living in a world not so different from our reality today. Violence and death seemed to be the norm while people often stood by and watched it happen. And yet, Jesus was unrelenting in his stance. There is another way. A way of love and compassion and peace. A way of hope and mercy and grace.

During Holy Week, we experience the extremes of our world. We watch as an innocent man is put to death and then we see that same man resurrected to new life. Violence and love. Again and again this story reminds us that in Christ there is a new way of being. It is the way of love. And so as people die in our streets, may we be voices of love. May we stand up and not stand by. May we be like Jesus…beacons of new life in a world too often filled with hatred and violence.  This is the hope of Easter. This is the hope of Jesus.

Your sister in Christ,

Pastor Dawn