Seven Times

In communicating information there is the 7×7 Rule.  Basically, this means you need to share a message seven times in seven different ways. This ensures people have heard, understood, and implemented the message.

Different people notice different things every time they see or hear a message, which makes this rule necessary. You’ll notice that some of what I am going to talk about now is in other places in this newsletter. Just remember, I’m using the 7×7 rule!

Holy Week Worship is drawing ever so near, and I truly hope you will be a part of what is going on. Each service will be unique, and I hope meaningful. We will keep telling you about these services…remember 7×7! For now, plan to join us for:

·      Palm Sunday, March 28 (outdoors or online)

·      Maundy Thursday, April 1 (online)

·      Good Friday, April 2 (online)

·      Easter Sunday, April 4 (outdoors or online).

So, go and put it on your calendar right now! 😊

There will be many other opportunities as well. Starting on Palm Sunday, we will have an outdoor experience to walk The Path of Jesus. This will be Scripture readings, poetry and songs that lead you through the Passion Story. You will be able to walk this path anytime from Palm Sunday up to Easter. We hope you come and experience the Passion Story.

We will also be doing Palm Sunday deliveries with everything you need for Holy Week, including bulletins and worship information. One special item you can sign-up for is Communion Bread in a Jar (sign up below!). You will receive dry ingredients along with a recipe to make communion bread for Maundy Thursday and Easter Sunday. You can pick up your package at worship on Palm Sunday or receive a delivery from a member at Peace! Oh, and we need delivery people (Again, sign up below!).

7×7…I’m going to keep on telling you what’s going on because I can’t wait to see you and worship with you this Holy Week! I hope you’ll make plans to join me at Peace!


Pastor Dawn