For our Wednesday Lenten services we are focusing on resilience. Resilience reminds us that we, as humans, are able to recover from the difficult situations. We, as God’s beloved, can and will spring back into the people we once were. We are tough. We are resilient!  

I think we often focus on the positive outcome, which in many ways is good. We recover; we spring back; we are tough. But I think resilience also acknowledges the hard times. Resilience isn’t needed unless you are challenged and stressed and stretched.  

I can honestly say, this last year, I have been challenged and stressed and stretched. Some days, my brain feels like mush and small tasks take more energy than seem necessary. I have learned things I never imagined, and I have had to go without people I never imagined. All of this is to say, it is OK to recognize this is hard. This last year has tested us in many ways, but it has also shown us that God makes us tough. We are resilient and what we are going through is temporary.  

I hope you join us on Wednesdays as we dig into how God has shown us examples of resilience throughout God’s story. Knowing those stories, I pray that we will find the resilience within each of us that is needed to spring back and recover.  

Lenten Blessings, 

Pastor Dawn