Half a Fortnite

For the past 7 months, Andrew has been my co-worker on Mondays and Wednesdays during this pandemic. When I asked my co-worker what I should write about this week, he suggested the recent Fortnite update. For those unfamiliar, Fortnite is a popular video game. Now, I wouldn’t normally write about such things, but challenge accepted!  

As he plays and talks incessantly about this game, I find that I don’t understand half of what he’s talking about. Push, rotate, Jonesy…gibberish to me. He enters another world when he’s playing and often, I’m left in the dust. 

It makes me wonder how much of our faith story becomes gibberish to those outside the church, especially as we come upon Holy Week. As people hear the passion story, I’m sure it sounds like pure foolishness. A teacher who is betrayed by his beloved students and friends. A father who doesn’t save his son. An innocent man crucified on a cross. And this is the God we worship and follow. Pure foolishness! And yet, that’s exactly what makes Easter morning all the more powerful. Because the Father resurrects his son. The friends are forgiven and the dead man comes to life. It might be hard to understand, but it is a story worth telling. It is a story of God’s hope, love and grace for you. 

I hope you’ll make plans to hear and share this story in the coming weeks. And let me challenge you. I want you to invite someone to hear this story that might need God’s hope, love and grace right now. You never know… they might be drawn into this life-giving foolishness as well.  

May God’s story be with you,

Pastor Dawn

Seven Times

In communicating information there is the 7×7 Rule.  Basically, this means you need to share a message seven times in seven different ways. This ensures people have heard, understood, and implemented the message.

Different people notice different things every time they see or hear a message, which makes this rule necessary. You’ll notice that some of what I am going to talk about now is in other places in this newsletter. Just remember, I’m using the 7×7 rule!

Holy Week Worship is drawing ever so near, and I truly hope you will be a part of what is going on. Each service will be unique, and I hope meaningful. We will keep telling you about these services…remember 7×7! For now, plan to join us for:

·      Palm Sunday, March 28 (outdoors or online)

·      Maundy Thursday, April 1 (online)

·      Good Friday, April 2 (online)

·      Easter Sunday, April 4 (outdoors or online).

So, go and put it on your calendar right now! 😊

There will be many other opportunities as well. Starting on Palm Sunday, we will have an outdoor experience to walk The Path of Jesus. This will be Scripture readings, poetry and songs that lead you through the Passion Story. You will be able to walk this path anytime from Palm Sunday up to Easter. We hope you come and experience the Passion Story.

We will also be doing Palm Sunday deliveries with everything you need for Holy Week, including bulletins and worship information. One special item you can sign-up for is Communion Bread in a Jar (sign up below!). You will receive dry ingredients along with a recipe to make communion bread for Maundy Thursday and Easter Sunday. You can pick up your package at worship on Palm Sunday or receive a delivery from a member at Peace! Oh, and we need delivery people (Again, sign up below!).

7×7…I’m going to keep on telling you what’s going on because I can’t wait to see you and worship with you this Holy Week! I hope you’ll make plans to join me at Peace!


Pastor Dawn

Where You Go

Last night in worship we heard the story of Ruth and Naomi. With Ruth’s words, we were reminded that we do not need to go it alone. I think we all have Ruths in our lives who walk with us when we need it most. Who have been the Ruths in your life? How have they walked with you when you’ve needed it most?

I would invite you to share on Facebook some of the people who have walked with you.

As you consider the Ruths in your life, remember that you, too, might have walked with someone when they needed it most.


Pastor Dawn


For our Wednesday Lenten services we are focusing on resilience. Resilience reminds us that we, as humans, are able to recover from the difficult situations. We, as God’s beloved, can and will spring back into the people we once were. We are tough. We are resilient!  

I think we often focus on the positive outcome, which in many ways is good. We recover; we spring back; we are tough. But I think resilience also acknowledges the hard times. Resilience isn’t needed unless you are challenged and stressed and stretched.  

I can honestly say, this last year, I have been challenged and stressed and stretched. Some days, my brain feels like mush and small tasks take more energy than seem necessary. I have learned things I never imagined, and I have had to go without people I never imagined. All of this is to say, it is OK to recognize this is hard. This last year has tested us in many ways, but it has also shown us that God makes us tough. We are resilient and what we are going through is temporary.  

I hope you join us on Wednesdays as we dig into how God has shown us examples of resilience throughout God’s story. Knowing those stories, I pray that we will find the resilience within each of us that is needed to spring back and recover.  

Lenten Blessings, 

Pastor Dawn