New Year…New Opportunities!

Our connection to each other and to God are so important to our faith. It’s what gives us a sense of community. It’s what makes us the church. But in so many ways, this pandemic has put up barriers we have never experienced before. While in other ways, we have been given opportunities we never would have imagined before. As we start this new year, I would like to put a challenge before you. How might you connect to your faith in a new way in 2021?

This might be connecting to a ministry already happening at Peace. Perhaps it’s joining the Men’s Faith Roundtable or Connect & Pray. Maybe you’re ready to head to camp or join us on the Family Mission Trip. Maybe you’d like to join Bible study or be added to our prayer chain. Or maybe it’s something that you’re feeling called to. Perhaps there is someone you’d like to check in with once a week. Or maybe there are some books you would like to read to grow in your faith. Whatever it might be, how might you go deeper in your faith in 2021?

If there is something you feel called to or if there is a ministry you feel we need at Peace, let’s talk! Or just go for it! Trust the ways you’re feeling called and step out in faith, because it’s only when we challenge ourselves that we go deeper in faith.

So how are you going to connect to your faith in 2021? I’d love to hear!


Pastor Dawn