This Lent

Check out our newsletter next week for the many opportunities we will have available this Lent in worship and otherwise. But for today, I want to give you a sneak peek and invite you to sign up for this fun Lenten devotional.

I will be putting together “Lent in a Bag” devotions. This bag will have items to use for reflection throughout the season of Lent. These items can be used as a family devotion or even individually as you contemplate the season. Instructions, devotional scripture and questions will be included. Bags will be available at Peace beginning February 14. Please Sign Up Here if you’re interested in getting a bag!

I hope you will consider using our Lent in a Bag devotions this Lenten season as we live with intentionality and reflect on our own journey of discipleship.


Pastor Dawn

New Year…New Opportunities!

Our connection to each other and to God are so important to our faith. It’s what gives us a sense of community. It’s what makes us the church. But in so many ways, this pandemic has put up barriers we have never experienced before. While in other ways, we have been given opportunities we never would have imagined before. As we start this new year, I would like to put a challenge before you. How might you connect to your faith in a new way in 2021?

This might be connecting to a ministry already happening at Peace. Perhaps it’s joining the Men’s Faith Roundtable or Connect & Pray. Maybe you’re ready to head to camp or join us on the Family Mission Trip. Maybe you’d like to join Bible study or be added to our prayer chain. Or maybe it’s something that you’re feeling called to. Perhaps there is someone you’d like to check in with once a week. Or maybe there are some books you would like to read to grow in your faith. Whatever it might be, how might you go deeper in your faith in 2021?

If there is something you feel called to or if there is a ministry you feel we need at Peace, let’s talk! Or just go for it! Trust the ways you’re feeling called and step out in faith, because it’s only when we challenge ourselves that we go deeper in faith.

So how are you going to connect to your faith in 2021? I’d love to hear!


Pastor Dawn

Star Words

As we begin a new year, I would like to offer you a Star Word to have as your focus for 2021. But what are Star Words?

On Epiphany (January 6), we celebrate the arrival of the Magi to bear witness to the birth of baby Jesus. Just as the Magi followed the star to Jesus, we too seek Jesus trusting the signs (or stars) that guide us closer to Christ. A Star Word is one word that you carry with you throughout this next year to guide you on your journey.

We would invite you to place whatever word is chosen for you in a place where you will often see it. On your mirror. In your car. By the kitchen sink. Place it on your pillow each morning. Some place you will see it each day and be reminded of Christ’s presence that is guiding you in your life.

Although the word chosen for you might not feel like a fit at first, we hope that you will give the word a chance to work in your life this coming year. Allow God to speak to you through this word.

So, if you would like a Star Word for 2021, please let me know and I will get one to you. You can call, email, text or go on Facebook (Peace Lutheran Church – Tomah (ELCA) and find the Star Word post. I hope that your word will speak to you throughout this year and that you will share your stories of where God shows up in 2021.  

God’s love and peace, 

Pastor Dawn

Thank You, God!

And just like that 2020 has come to an end! And many of us cry out, “THANK YOU, GOD!” We all know 2020 has been less than ideal. And I think most of us realize that 2021 will not start out much better, but we also know there is hope on the horizon.

However 2020 has impacted your life, I hope that you will take a moment to reflect on the ways you saw God show up in your life this last year. It may be in ways you never expected. It might be opportunities that you never had before. God might have shown up in people who helped see you through this difficult year. However God showed up, I hope that you will say, “THANK YOU, GOD!”

I pray that you have a blessed 2021! Happy New Year, Peace!

Pastor Dawn