An Advent Like No Other

Traditions and ritual are often what make the holidays so special. And Advent is a time when these preparations and reflections become especially important to us. For many of us, it’s about cookie baking, and tree decorating. It’s the ugly sweater parties and special worship services. This year we might not gather with our aunts and cousins to pump out 15 varieties of cookies and we will not smoosh the family into a pew on Christmas Eve. These are expectations we may have as we go through this time of year. And yet, unmet expectations do not need to be a bad thing. Perhaps for this year, it is an opportunity.

At Peace, I believe we have done a pretty good job of taking ahold of this opportunity. I have been blessed by the stories, memories, and traditions you all have shared in our Online Advent Calendar. This Sunday, we will continue with our 2nd Annual Advent Event from 10:30 – Noon….outdoors and masked of course! We will gather on Christmas Eve outside for worship to sing and praise God that Holy Night. And years from now, I hope we will remember the Christmas when we bundled up and froze our toes as we sang Silent Night together.

Our faith is alive, perhaps even more so this year in these unprecedented times. And so let us be reminded that the mess and chaos of the world can give birth to the hope and joy of a Savior. And more than cookie baking and tree decorating, this is what matters.

May unmet expectations give birth to new experiences of God’s presence and love this Advent season. For this is an Advent like no other!

Advent Blessings,

Pastor Dawn