First, Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope you have a blessed day today and that if you were not able to participate in Thanksgiving Worship last night, please consider viewing our worship anytime on Facebook or on our website. 

Unfortunately, the way our world is geared nowadays, we slide quickly into Christmas mode after Thanksgiving, if not weeks before. And yet in the church we are called to push back against the hustle and bustle of Christmas and dwell in this season that we call Advent. 

There is nothing wrong with the joy and celebration of Christmas, but I would encourage you this year to also allow space for the anticipation and contemplation of Advent. How do you prepare for the coming of Christ? Is it just a rush to get to Christmas Day? Or are you allowing for times to reflect on who we are waiting for? 

I hope you will join me beginning on Sunday for a daily Advent Calendar that will be posted on our Facebook page, as well as on our website. Our congregation will be sharing stories, memories and music to help us pause for a few minutes each day and prepare for the coming of Christ. 

For many of us, we have been given the gift of time this year. Time we have not had in years, and so I would encourage you to not rush. Take time and reflect as you prepare knowing that our Savior will come. And we will rejoice! 

With anticipation,

Pastor Dawn