A week from today we will be celebrating Thanksgiving. For many, this is a day of family gatherings (for better or for worse!). And for many, this year will look a bit different. 

It will be just the four of us this year. It is disappointing in many ways, but we’re also trying to find new opportunities in this small family gathering. With a tendency to always cook twice as much as needed, I asked everyone what the one thing was they had to have for Thanksgiving. Stuffing for Delia. Buns for Andrew. Green bean casserole for Brad. And mashed potatoes for me. These are the necessities…and then there is turkey. As I sized-up turkeys this week, I wondered how our family of four would eat twenty pounds of meat. This will be a feat indeed.

I don’t know what our Thanksgiving will look like yet, but no matter how we celebrate, I pray that we will take time to give thanks. This is my prayer for you as well. May we all pause, if but for a moment, and give thanks for the undiscovered opportunities that are before us as we do so many things differently. And let us never forget that we are blessed, even when life is hard. 

I am grateful for all of you and the ministry we do together. I give thanks with a grateful heart!

Pastor Dawn