An Advent Like No Other

It’s hard to be believe, but Advent begins in November. As we reflect on eating far too much for Thanksgiving dinner AGAIN, we shift right into the season of Advent, a time when we prepare for the coming of the Christ child. But if we are realistic at all, we know that this year will not be normal. 

As I think about this, there is a part of me that just wants to make friends with the Grinch and hibernate until it’s over. But there is another part of me that sees this as a great opportunity. Let’s not even try to recreate Christmas as we’ve always done and let’s embrace the opportunity before us. 

As you will see by the plans we are making for this Advent and Christmas (see below), things will be different. We’re going to do a daily Advent Calendar on Facebook. We’re planning a drive or walk by Advent Event outside. We’ll have a special Christmas delivery for all of you. We’re imagining a BRIEF outdoor worship by candlelight on Christmas Eve. It may not look like it always has, but I believe it will be memorable. And most important of all, a child will be born into this messy and uncertain world reminding all of us that our hope is in God. 

Make plans to join us this Advent and Christmas and consider being part of the many activities we will be doing to make this year special. As we look back on this Christmas, I hope we can fondly remember our COVID Christmas together. 

With anticipation & hope,

Pastor Dawn