Practice Your Faith

In case you didn’t notice, we have an election coming up. And if you did not notice, you must not have a TV and you must be on lockdown in your house, because the election is everywhere! While most of us cannot wait for the campaign commercials and lawn signs to go away, let me remind you this is a time to practice your faith. 

As we prepare for the election, take some time to reflect on the actions, policies, and character of the leaders on the ballot. Who most reflects what God is calling us to in this world? Who reflects the love, compassion, and care for all of God’s children? And then I would encourage you to cast your ballot trusting that you are following your faith.

This Sunday will be Reformation Sunday. Some of the changes that came about in the Reformation led to the inclusion of all people in the work and ministry of the church. Martin Luther reminded us that the work of the church is not just done by priests. We are part of a priesthood of all believers who are the hands and feet of Christ in this world. If we believe this to be true, it means that our faith seeps into every aspects of our lives.

And so, as we go to work, as we go to school, as we go to the polls, we reflect the faith to which Christ has called us. May we be faithful everyday in the life we live. May we be people who reflect the love and compassion of Christ.

Pastor Dawn