To Gather or Not to Gather

Tuesday night when our council gathered, we looked at the progression of COVID cases over the last few weeks. On September 15, Monroe County had 34 active cases, September 22 – 98 active cases, September 29 – 193 active cases. Now you might say, that is all of Monroe County. However, the reality is Sparta and Tomah hold the majority of those cases. 

When we look at the numbers, they are not the numbers we are hoping for. And unfortunately, the numbers are not looking to improve any time soon. I think more than anything, our congregation wants to gather again. I want to gather. But at this time, other than our outdoor worship (which depends on the weather), we are not seeing that as a viable option.    

It’s been over 6 months now that we have been apart. I miss you all! But more so, I appreciate that the priority of our council is to keep our members safe. God calls us to protect the most vulnerable and so that is what we will do. I am so grateful to our council for making these hard decisions.

 But, I also want to thank you as a congregation. You have been patient and supportive as our council has made these decisions. We understand this is not the ideal way to be the church, but we will continue to be the church in new and creative ways as this pandemic continues. Thank you for your support and thank you for the many ways you continue to reach out to each other as a reminder that we are the body of Christ even in these times.

God’s blessings and love,

Pastor Dawn