Renewed Life

For many of us, August marks a time of transition from summer vacations and family reunions to buying school supplies and getting ready for another year. This is still a reality to a certain extent, but if you are anything like me, it just feels a little different this year. I am not experiencing the excitement of new backpacks and unopened boxes of crayons. And I’ll be honest, I haven’t even thought about school shopping yet. 

We all know our lives continue to look different in this time of COVID-19. And sometimes that leaves us feeling a bit MEH. We have not lived through a time like this ever before. But that makes me wonder, in these different times, how do we, as the church, give opportunities for renewal and new life? Or more directly, what do you need right now? What would give you life? What would connect you to the One who is life and love and hope? 

On Monday, August 3 we will be holding All Ministry Night on Zoom. This will look a bit different than usual as I hope to dig into some of these questions as we think about our way forward as the church. I do not want the church to be a place that fills your calendar more than it fills your cup. So join me as we think about these questions and help me to think about ways we might bring new life to our community.

Join me on Monday, August 3 at 6:30 on Zoom.

God’s Peace & Blessings,

Pastor Dawn

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