The Kitchen Remodel

The Kitchen Committee has been working hard over the last few months to bring forward the best option for our kitchen remodel at Peace. This will be the final piece of our 3-phase remodel that began with our sanctuary, moved into our fellowship hall, and will be completed with the kitchen. What is being presented has been recommended by the kitchen committee and approved by the council to come to a congregational vote on July 26 at 10:30am. It is important that we have a quorum for this meeting so that if passed, we can immediately begin this project.

See more information in the linked video that gives an overview of the remodel project. Thank you to Ben Jacobsen for leading the kitchen committee and recording this video.

We’re hopeful that we will be able to move forward with this project and have it completed by the time we safely gather again. Please let us know if you have any questions prior to our congregational meeting on July 26.


Pastor Dawn

Click here to watch video