Living By Faith

We are all learning how to live in new and different ways in the face of COVID-19. Within the church that has meant gathering online rather than face-to-face. Meetings are being held virtually rather than in person. Our fellowship is happening over phone calls rather than over donuts and coffee. I’ll be honest. I miss how things used to be. I miss all of you. But I am also hopeful that we will take the best of this time forward and be a stronger church for it. 

Tonight our church council will be discussing a few important items that are requiring special consideration in these unusual times.  The first is a live, online communion service. This would allow us to commune together while being separated as a community. It would be a new format for sharing the body and blood of Christ without compromising safety. Whether this recommendation is approved or not by the council, know that you are always welcome to schedule an outdoor communion service with me. 

The second item of business will be making a decision about remodeling the kitchen at Peace. A committee has been working hard to weigh the pros and cons of this project and is recommending council to move forward with the remodel.  Council will decide between moving forward with the full remodel or making the minimal updates using a grant received for this purpose. If the council approves the recommendation to move forward with the kitchen remodel, a congregation meeting will be held to approve the remaining funds from our Revelation 2:019 project. 

Both of these items are up for consideration tonight. Please pray for council as we work to make the best decisions for our congregation and the mission we share. Be looking for more information about this to be sent out by email tomorrow. 

We are learning as we go. As we re-imagine how we are the church, there will be learning along the way. We appreciate your flexibility and input as we work to protect the most vulnerable while staying true to our calling to be the body of Christ. No matter what challenges we face, I do believe that God is walking with us through it all.

God’s peace,

Pastor Dawn