While I’m away…
I’m off on vacation this week, but I’ll be back at it after July 5. As I take next Sunday off, you are encouraged to check out some of the other online worships around our Synod.

For a full list of worships in our Synod check out: Click here for Synod worship list

Or perhaps better yet, in celebration of our 10th anniversary as a worshiping congregation, you’re invited to worship with one of our own, Pastor Alyssa Weaver, at Our Savior’s Lutheran in Iola. We will be posting information about her worship service on Facebook, or feel free to check out their Facebook page where they post worship each Sunday at 9 am. Click here for Our Savior’s Lutheran in Iola Facebook page

It’s important to be reminded that we are church together. This isn’t about a building or even a particular pastor; it’s about being the body of Christ at all times and in all places. Thank you for this gift of time away and blessings as you worship with your brothers and sisters in Christ across this church.

God’s peace & blessings,
Pastor Dawn