The Body and Blood of Christ

Holy Communion. Eucharist. The Sacrament of the Altar. Whatever you prefer to call it, it is a meal like no other meal. A meal that brings forgiveness when we need it most. A meal that connects us across distance and time to our most beloved. A meal that comes with a promise of salvation and eternal life. Although we at times get in the habit of receiving the bread and wine, it is not a gift to be taken lightly.

This is why over the past few months pastors and bishops across our church have been looking closely at how we share this meal in these times. What does it look like when we are sheltering in place? How do we safely distribute when we are making all attempts to physically distance?

Over the last few weeks, our Safely Gathering Task Force has met to discuss recommendations made by our Bishop Jim Arends. After discussion with our Safely Gathering Task Force and with the blessing of our bishop, we will be making recommendations to the council to provide opportunities for sharing Holy Communion online. We are hoping to begin these opportunities in July with a communion service following our regular worship time.

We are learning and growing in this time and so we ask for your patience as we discover the best ways to live out our faith in ways that are true to our beliefs. As much as I miss being a gathered community, I value your lives far beyond our need to gather. Thank you for your support and understanding as we have been church in new ways these past few months. I truly believe God is opening up new ways of being church…ways that we may have never imagined.

God’s peace & blessings,
Pastor Dawn