A Call to Action

It’s been challenging to watch the news these past few weeks as we have been faced with acts of blatant racism. As white people, it is easy for us to sit back and shake our heads as the riots continue and cities burn. We wonder why anyone would do such a thing and often we are quick to judge those actions. We might say things like, “I understand why they are angry, but I don’t understand why they would do something like that.” I want to warn us against saying we understand. Until we have walked down the street in fear because of the color of our skin, we don’t understand. Until we have been judged by the blackness of our skin rather than the character of our being, we don’t understand. Until we, as moms, fear for the day our baby boy turns into a man because of the color of his skin, we don’t understand.  

I would never condone more death or destruction, but I also don’t understand the depth of anger that has been fueled within our black and brown brothers and sisters who deal with systematic racism every day. We cannot even imagine. And so what do we do?   

First, I would invite you to join me for a prayer service tonight during our Connect & Pray time at 6:30 pm today. Join me as we pray together for change and peace for all people. Here is the link: Click here to join Monday 6:30pm Connect & Pray

Second, I would encourage you to listen. There is so much being written and reported right now. I pray that you will listen to those who are so deeply hurt by the systems of oppression that have been in place since our country’s founding. Try to listen with an open heart to hear their pain. Listen for what we might do to bring change in this world that is broken.      

Third, I want to extend this invitation from Pastor Bryan of Tomah UCC who will be collecting items to take to the Twin Cities this Wednesday. Please read Pastor Bryan’s note and I invite you to join in this effort.   

Friends, brothers and sisters, my kinfolk in Christ. You all know the Twin Cities are where I grew up and the place I still call home when I say I’m going there. There is need in that community right now, so I’m making a plea to all of you to help. I’ll be bringing any collected donations to the cities on Wednesday. And will continue to organize more trips to donate supplies.

Among those who may be overlooked in this time are those already traumatized by violence, so in the interest of making this as easy as possible, I’ll ask you to consider making a donation to amothersloveinitiative.org

They are in need of any and all food items, baby formula, diapers, baby wipes, and depends for Seniors.

If you wish to donate through the church, put “mother’s love” in the memo line and send it to the church or call me and I’ll coordinate getting any monetary or supply donations from you. I am asking we help others in a time of need as we would pray for help in our own times of need. Peace and blessings, In Christ, Pastor Bryan

I, Pastor Dawn, will be at Peace tomorrow, Tuesday, June 2 from 2-5 pm to collect anything you would like to drop off. Otherwise, contact me. I’m happy to pick up anything you would like to donate.  

The days ahead will be difficult days. Mostly because they will call us to change. Changes in our assumptions, changes in our actions, changes in our white privilege we have taken for granted for so long. This will be hard work, but it is necessary work as we honor all of God’s creation, by seeing our black and brown brothers and sisters as equal. So, let us start with prayer; let us start by listening; let us we start with love. I hope you will join me in this work.      

Praying for justice and peace,
Pastor Dawn

Book Study: If you would like to look deeper at our white privilege and the work we have ahead of us, consider joining me in a book study using the book Waking Up White and Finding Myself in the Story of Race by Debby Irving. Buy a copy of the book and let me know if you would like to join the conversation.