Stay on that Road!

May 2011

Dear Partners in the Gospel,

In shaping us to be His disciples, Jesus contrasts two approaches to life. The one approach is the way of the majority. It has a wide gate, a broad road and is well traveled by many. It is marvelously tolerant. Anything goes! People can treat people anyway they choose. Alternative lifestyles are just choices one makes. And the gate is wide enough to accommodate all. The road is spacious, with room for all. “It is “easy”, not difficult, free from constraint. It’s popular! Everybody’s doing it. But it leads to destruction, to God’s ultimate judgment on sin. (2 Peter 3:7)

The other way is the way of the few. The gate is small and the road is narrow. It cramps ones style. It’s restrictive. It’s “hard,” difficult, even harsh. It may bring distress and suffering. It certainly isn’t popular. It goes against the grain of society. It is through much tribulation that one enters the kingdom. (Acts14:22) But we choose this path, because this road leads to life! Abundant life on earth and eternal life with Christ!

And this way is well charted for us. Jesus has walked the narrow and hard path in our place. He choose the nails for us. He bids us to follow to take up our cross and follow. What he commands and expects of us is therefore not burdensome (I John 5:3). “For His yoke is easy, and burden is light.” As we come to the month of May and continue our celebration of Easter, it is in the Word and sacraments that his Spirit provides the strength we need to follow the narrow path….the path to abundant life!

May our May 2011 prayer be; “Lord, by your grace keep us on the road that leads to life with You forever and ever. Amen!

In Service to Christ,

Pastor Sue Sheffer-Meyer

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