Peace Lutheran: A House of Prayer

My house shall be called a house of prayer, says the Lord; in it all who ask shall receive, all who seek shall find, and all who knock shall have the door opened to them.

Dear Partners in the Gospel,

We have been gathering as Peace Lutheran ELCA for a month now, and what a joy and delight it has been to worship together, pray, fellowship, learn and work toward a common goal together.

We’ve accomplished much for the furtherance of God’s kingdom in these short weeks. We’ve named ourselves Peace Lutheran, ELCA. We’ve described ourselves as a House of Prayer, a House of Praise, and a House of Peace!

We have our phone established, our webpage created, we have a summer contract with our brothers and sisters in Christ at First Congregational UCC, and we are negotiating for a longer term contract for the fall. In the very near future we will vote on a church logo so we can announce to the greater community that a vibrant worship community has formed among them which is committed to prayer, praise and peace.

In this month’s newletter article, I would like to focus briefly no our descriptive phrase: A House of Prayer. I belive the greates reputation of Peace Lutheran Church should be as a House of Prayer. Churches have reputation as a great singing church, a great preaching church, a great program church. But how long has it been since someone referred to a church as a praying church? It has been said, The church is dying on its feet because it is not living on its knees.

Someone asked Rev. Billy Graham why he should go to a church since he gets nothing out of it. Billy Graham responded that there are three reasons why we go to church.

First, we go to worship God. In other words, we should focus no God, not on ourselves or on other people. The Bible states in Psalms96:1 and 6, Come, let us sing for joy Lord–let us bow down in worship.  As we enther church on the Lord’s Day, we should ask God to help us focus our mind and heart on God.

Secondly, we go to learn from God’s Word. God wants to teach us about God’s unconditional love for us through the life, minstery, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, and the way Gods does that is through the preaching and teaching of the Bible. Our prayer shold be that of Samuel, Speak, Lord, for your servant is listening. (1 Sam. 3:9)

Thirdly, we go to encourage, help and support one another. It is unfortunate when people come to a church service and never speak to another person, because as Christians we need each other. We need a strong community willing to pray for the church, the world, and all in need, and to pray that God will use us to uplift someone who needs to hear of the saving grace of God in their life.

My fervent prayer is that nothing distract us from always giving God our heartfelt worship and that Peace will always strive to be that House of Prayer, Praise and Peace.

Pastor Sue